Notes on installing the screen saver:
Please Note that download time may vary depending on your connection speed. File size is approximately 1.5 Meg and will take roughly 6 minutes to download on a 56k connection.

Installing Screensaver Windows Version:

1. Click on the screensaver link to download

2. The file is a self-extracting archive. Double click on it to extract it. It will install automatically if you are running Windows 2000 or NT.
If you are a Windows 95 user, open Display in Control Panels, select the Screen Saver tab, and then select install.

3. Enjoy!

The screensaver has been tested to run on a variety of computers. However, slower processor speeds will result in jumpy playback of the screensaver. Please note the minimum processor speeds listed below for optimum playback:

Macintosh: PowerPC 300 MHz G3 processor or greater, running System 8.6 or later.

Windows: 95, 2000 or NT, 350 MHz processor or greater.

Installing Wallpaper :

1. Click on the Wallpaper you would like to download, (either 1024 x 768 or 800 x 600) to see larger image. Right Click on the larger images and click set to wallpaper.


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